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The 3D Doodle Pad is brought to you by Scullery Press, a tiny independent, self publishing unit, which has created Stereo Art since 2007.

Why did we create the 3D Doodle Pad?

Well, it’s so much fun creating Stereo Art, that we wanted everyone to be able to doodle, sketch and draw in 3D space.

It came about because we have two kids. They love looking at the Stereo Art and seeing the images float in front of them without needing 3D glasses.

We wanted them to be able to have some fun making 3D images too…. but do it in an easy way, that their ideas and doodles wouldn’t be restricted by a difficult medium.

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And so, the 3D Doodle Pad was conceived, where they could draw in space, and have fun exploring the different 3D backgrounds with their doodles.

Scullery Press is founded by Donnachada Daly, aka “Chada”, assisted by Angie Daly, and inspired by our two sons. Yup, that’s it. Small business, big ideas.

We are located in Glendale, California.

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squiggle for 3D Doodle Pad