If you have used the 3D Doodle Pad, we’d love to see what your 3D Doodle looks like.

You could be the Doodler of the Day!

Scan your 3D Doodle from the special 3D Doodle Pad and make it web friendly (use your “Save For Web” feature on your favorite image editing program)

**** Please note**** 72 dpi only!

and send it to MyDoodle@3ddoodlepad.com

Check out our main BLOG for all the latest doodles.

If you are over 13, you can also find us on Facebook and submit your 3D Doodle at 3D Doodle Pad on Facebook by just posting it on the wall.

We’ll post some of them on this website too, and if we post your 3D Doodle here, we’ll let you know so that you can tell your friends.